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Our SPECIALS are Eat in 


Choose your rice + Slow cooked Marinated chicken $15 and lamb shank $15

Choice of rice

Baghali Polo: Broad bean, saffron and Dill rice 

Albaloo Polo: Sweet Cherry & saffron rice

Lubia Polo: Green Bean, cinnamon and saffron rice

Zereshk polo: A sweet & sour saffron rice with Persian barberries

Adas polo: High in protein Split pea with sultanas and date rice


Fresh BBQ Kababs with saffron rice $15

Please allow 15min for the BBQ kababs

Jujeh: Chicken tenderloin marinated in lemon juice, saffron, onion char grilled and served with Persian saffron rice

Koobideh: 2 Ground meat of low fat lamb marinated and char grilled and served with Persian saffron rice

Koobideh morgh: 2 Ground chicken Marinated with a light chili taste char grilled and served with Persian saffron rice


Traditional Persian Casserole with saffron rice $15

Geimeh: Diced lamb tenderloin, split peas, wild dried lime baked slowly in a tomato base sauce garnished with potato fries, cinnamon and served with saffron rice

Fesenjan: Chicken fillets marinated in pomegranate paste baked in ground walnut served with saffron rice

Gorme Sabzi: Mixture of Persian herbs, parsley, coriander with wild dried lime and turmeric with red kidney beans and diced lamb served with saffron rice


Persian Soup $7 (winter only)

Ash-e-reshteh: A thick soup with Persian noodles, red kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils and mixed herbs. This dish can be a very filling one and is often eaten as a meal for lunch! A vegetarian favourite! (winter only)


All Persian dishes are enjoyed by locals with a side dish of yogurt, salad or pickles.


Salad Bar

Traditional Persian yogurt in Cucumber or wild shallot $6

Fine diced cucumber, onion & Tomato Shirazi salad with olive oil, lemon and dried mint $6

Green salad: seasonal veggies small $6 Large $9

Persian Pickles $3 (ask for availability)

Soft drinks

Coke, diet coke, sprite, fanta, coke zero, Lift and water $3

Sparkling mineral water $4

Dough persian sour yoghurt drink Small $3 Medium $5 Large $8







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