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Hot Bar

Kashke Bademjan - Roasted eggplant mixed with olive oil fine chopped onion, garlic and butter milk

Fillet Kebab - Finely sliced lamb tender loin marinated in & saffron

Morgh-e-Koobideh - Ground chicken marinated in onion, fresh chilli & saffron

Joojeh - Chicken pieces marinated in lemon juice & saffron 

Koobideh - Ground meat of lamb marinated in grated onion cooked perfectly

Fesenjan - Chicken fillets marinated in pomegranate juice baked in walnuts and creamy pomegranate paste, saffron water, cinnamon served with long grain rice

Qeymeh - Lamb, split peas, dried lemon baked slowly in a tomato base sauce garnished with crunchy chips

Qormeh Sabzi - Mixture of Persian herbs, parsley, chives, coriander, and fenugreek, wild dried Lime, turmeric, red kidney beans with diced lamb leg, and olive oil simmered slowly served with long grain rice

Cold Bar

Mast Moosir - Thick creamy yogurt mixed with pound dried Persian shallots

Humus - Mashed chick peas tossed in lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil

Garden Salad - Seasonal fresh salad dressed with extra virgin & balsamic

Soft Drink

Cola, Diet Cola, Fanta & Lemonade


ADULT: $50
KIDS: $25

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