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Kadoo - Char grilled zucchini, tossed in crushed tomato, garlic, turmeric & yogurt

Kashk - Roasted eggplant mixed with olive oil fine chopped onion, garlic and butter milk

Moosir - Thick creamy yogurt mixed with pound dried Persian shallots

Humus - Mashed chick peas tossed in lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil

Joojeh - Chicken wing & leg pieces marinated in lemon juice, saffron char grilled

Garden Salad - Seasonal fresh salad dressed with extra virgin & balsamic

*All served with bread


Barg - Finely sliced lamb tender loin marinated in & saffron

Morgh-e-Koobideh - Ground chicken marinated in onion, fresh chilli & saffron

Joojeh - Chicken pieces marinated in lemon juice & saffron 

Koobideh - Ground meat of lamb marinated in grated onion cooked perfectly

Mahi - Grilled fish fillet with dill & saffron

*All our mains are served with basmati saffron rice and tomato


Fesenjan - Mushrooms marinated in pomegranate juice backed in walnuts and creamy

pomegranate paste & saffron 

Qeymeh - Mushrooms, split peas, dried lemon baked slowly in a tomato base sauce garnished with crunchy chips

Qormeh Sabzi - Mixture of Persian herbs, parsley, coriander & fenugreek, wild dried lime, turmeric, red kidney beans with mushrooms simmered slowly

*All served with saffron rice

Soft Drink

Coke & Diet Coke is included and served in Jugs with the main meal only

Doogh & Juice's are available at a extra charge


Paludeh Bastani - Frozen rice noodle drained in a rosewater sorbet, garnished with saffron ice cream



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